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    • Accelerated sea-level rise from West Antarctica 

      Thomas, R.; Rignot, E.; Casassa, Gino; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Kanagaratnam, P.; Acuña, César; Akins, T.; Brecher, Henry; Frederick, E.; Gogineni, P.; Krabill, W.; Manizade, S.; Ramamoorthy, H.; Russell, R.; Sonntag, J.; Swift, R.; Yungel, J.; Zwally, J. (AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE, 2004-10-08)
      Recent aircraft and satellite laser altimeter surveys of the Amundsen Sea sector of West Antarctica show that local glaciers are discharging about 250 cubic kilometers of ice per year to the ocean, almost 60% more than is ...
    • Glacier wastage on southern Adelaide Island, Antarctica, and its impact on snow runway operations 

      Casassa, Gino; Thomas, R.; Rignot, E.; Zamora, R.; Antúnez, D.; Acuña, César; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Ordenes, F. (INT GLACIOLOGICAL SOC, 2005)
      The variations and dynamics of the southern edge of Fuchs Ice Piedmont, Adelaide island (67 degrees 45'09'S, 68 degrees 55'04'W), Antarctic Peninsula, are presented. The snow-covered surface of the glacier has been used ...
    • Quantifying mass balance processes on the Southern Patagonia Icefield 

      Schaefer, M.; Machguth, H.; Falvey, M.; Casassa, G.; Rignot, E. (Copernicus Publications, 2015)
      We present surface mass balance simulations of the Southern Patagonia Icefield (SPI) driven by downscaled reanalysis data. The simulations were evaluated and interpreted using geodetic mass balances, measured point ...