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    • Cadmium-copper competitive sorption in soils 

      Vergara, I.; Schalscha B., Eduardo (Universita degli Studi di Pisa, Istituto di Chimica Agraria, 1992)
      Wasterwastes of municipal and industrial origin used to irrigate farmlands contain heavy metals which are sorbed on the surfaces of soil particles. Among those metals are cadmium (Cd) and copper(Cu). The degree to which ...
    • Carvedilol corrects interventricular and interventricular dyssynchrony in chronic heart failure. 

      Castro, Pablo; Mc-Nab, Pablo; Bittner, Alex; Greig, Douglas; Quintana, Juan Carlos; Chiong Lay, Mario; Díaz Araya, Guillermo; Valenzuela, Rodrigo; Vergara, I.; Corbalán, Ramón; Lavandero González, Sergio (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2005-02-01)
      Meeting Abstract
    • Effects of Carvedilol upon intra- and interventricular synchrony in patients with chronic heart failure 

      Castro, Pablo; Mac Nab, Paul; Quintana, Juan Pablo; Bittner, Alex; Greig, Douglas; Vergara, I.; Vukasovic Ramírez, José Luis; Corbalán, Ramón; Copaja, Miguel; Díaz Araya, Guillermo; Chiong Lay, Mario; Troncoso Cotal, Rodrigo; Alcaíno Olivares, Hernán Alejandro; Lavandero González, Sergio (EXCERPTA MEDICA INC, 2005-07-15)
      Radionuclide isotopic ventriculography with phase analysis was performed in 30 patients with stable heart failure (HF), determining left ventricular (LV) and interventricular contraction synchrony at baseline and after 6 ...