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    • Clinical and genetic features of hereditary periodic fever syndromes in Hispanic patients: The Chilean experience 

      Vergara, Cristian; Borzutzky, Arturo; Gutierrez, Miguel A.; Iacobelli, Sergio; Talesnik, Eduardo; Martinez, María E.; Stange, Lilith; Basualdo, Javier; Maluje, Viviana; Jimenez, Renato; Wiener, Roberto; Tinoco, Javier; Jarpa, Elena; Aróstegui, Juan I.; Yagüe, Jordi; Alv (2012)
      Hereditary periodic fever syndromes (HPFS) are rare genetic diseases characterized by recurrent episodes of inflammation. Little information is available concerning HPFS in Latin American Hispanic population. The purpose ...