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    • Cathodic behavior of 4,5‐dimethoxy‐2‐nitroamphetamine 

      Squella Serrano, Juan; Pezzani, M.; Cassels Niven, Bruce; Aillón Torres, Milton; Rezende, Marcos; Núñez Vergara, Luis (1992)
      The amphetamine derivative 4,5‐dimethoxy‐2‐nitrophenyl‐2‐aminopropane, a positional isomer of the potent hallucinogen DON, was studied by cyclic voltammetry and polarography. The nitro compound was reduced to the corresponding ...
    • Interaction of Nitroxide Radicals with an Au8 Nanostructure: Theoretical and Calorimetric Studies 

      Aliaga, Carolina; Fuentealba Rosas, Patricio; Muñoz Sáez, Francisco; Pastenes, Camila; Rezende, Marcos C.; Spodine Spiridonova, Evgenia; Cárdenas Valencia, Carlos (American Chemical Society, 2019)
      Nitroxide radicals, adhered to gold nanoparticles, have found novel applications such as cancer treatment, neuroprotection after cerebral injury, radiotherapy, and as drug-delivering agents. The details of the nature of ...
    • Slimming javascript applications: An approach for removing unused functions from javascript libraries 

      Vázquez, Hernán; Bergel, Alexandre; Vidal, Santiago; Díaz Pace, Jorge; Marcos, Claudia (Elsevier B.V., 2019)
      Context A common practice in JavaScript development is to ship and deploy an application as a large file, called bundle , which is the result of combining the application code along with the code of all the libraries the ...