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    • ATP-diphosphophydrolase activin in rat heart tissue 

      Espinosa, Victoria; Galleguillos, M.; Mancilla, Marta; Garrido, J.; Kettlun, Ana María; Collados, L. E.; Chayet, L.; García Nannig, Lorena; Traverso Cori, A.; Valenzuela Pedevila, María Antonieta (ACADEMIC PRESS AUST, 1996-08)
      Extracellular nucleotides interact with specific receptors on the cell surface and are locally metabolized by ecto-nucleotidases. Biochemical characterization of the ATPase and ADPase activities detected in rat heart ...
    • Effect of stirring on photoinitiated polymerization 

      Zanocco Loyola, Antonio; Garrido, J.; Lissi Gervaso, Eduardo A. (1988)
      The polymerization of methyl methacrylate photosensitized by benzion methyl ether over a wide range of initiator absorbances was investigated. Both the polymerization rate and the polymer molecular weight distribution are ...
    • Phase III randomized pilot study comparing interferon α- 2b in combination with radiation therapy versus radiation therapy alone in patients with stage III-B carcinoma of the cervix 

      Yazigi, Roberto; Aliste, G.; Torres, R.; Ciudad, A. M.; Cuevas, M.; Garrido, J.; Prado, S.; Solá, A.; Castillo, R.; Cerda, B.; Cumsille, M. A.; Gonzalez, M.; Navarro, C.; Reyes, J. M. (2003)
      This randomized pilot study was designed to determine whether the addition of interferon α-2b to standard radiation therapy offered an advantage in loco-regional control and survival over radiation therapy alone in a ...