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    • Pediatric liver transplantation experience and outcome in Chile 

      Acuña, C.; Zuleta, R.; Dalmazzo, R.; Valverde, C.; Uribe, M.; Alba, A.; Buckel, E.; Hunter, B.; González, G.; Godoy, J.; Ferrario, M.; Cavallieri, S.; Campos, M.; Pizarro, F.; Wash, A.; Ferrón, S.; Díaz, V.; Macho, L.; Herzog, C.; Calabrán, L.; Flores, L.; Soto, P.; Heine, C.; (2013)
      Introduction In 1994 our group began its experience with pediatric liver transplantation. The experience gained during this period is the largest in the country, positioning the Hospital Luis Calvo Mackenna and Clinica Las ...
    • Registro de evaluación de tratamiento de cáncer gástrico en Chile (REGATE): Características clínicas basales de 523 pacientes 

      Müller, Bettina; Fuente H., Hernán de la; Barajas B., Olga; Cardemil J., Bernardita; Vila T., Antonio; Mordojovich S., Eduardo; Peña N., Karina; Castillo C., César; Campos M., Mónica; Rojas R., Hernán; Quijada P., Ingrid; Yáñez R., Cristian (SOC CIRUJANOS CHILE, 2011-04)
      Background: Gastric cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in Chile and worldwide. No consensus exists for therapeutic management. Aim: To assess clinical features and practice patterns of patients ...
    • Toxic Pigment in a Capacocha Burial: Instrumental Identification of Cinnabar in Inca Human Remains from Iquique, Chile 

      Arriaza, B.; Ogalde, J. P.; Campos M., Mónica; Paipa, C.; Leyton, P.; Lara, N. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2018)
      © 2018 University of Oxford We report on the analysis of a red pigment found in a lavish Inca burial from Cerro Esmeralda, Chile, associated with the human sacrifice of two young girls. The outcome shows that the red pigment ...