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    • Association of interleukin-1 gene variations with moderate to severe chronic periodontitis in multiple ethnicities 

      Wu, X.; Offenbacher, S.; López Villarroel, Néstor; Chen, D.; Wang, H.-Y.; Rogus, J.; Zhou, J.; Beck, J.; Jiang, S.; Bao, X.; Wilkins, L.; Doucette Stamm, L.; Kornman, K. (John Wiley, 2015)
      Background and Objective: Genetic markers associated with disease are often non-functional and generally tag one or more functional "causative" variants in linkage disequilibrium. Markers may not show tight linkage to the ...
    • Dynamics in chains randomly doped with nonadiabatic impurities 

      Chen, D.; Molina Gálvez, Mario; Tsironis, G. P. (1996)
      We study propagation of excitations in one-dimensional tight-binding chains doped with random impurities that are classical Einstein oscillators. We find that the presence of impurities does not affect substantially the ...