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    • Avian Influenza Virus H5 Strain with North American and Eurasian Lineage Genes in an Antarctic Penguin 

      Barriga, Gonzalo; Boric Bargetto, Dusan; Martin, Marcelo; Neira Ramírez, Víctor; van Bakel, Harm; Thompsom, Michele; Tapia Tapia, Rodrigo; Toro Ascuy, Daniela; Vásquez, Yesseny; Sallaberry Ayerza, Michel; Torres Pérez, Fernando; González Acuña, Daniel; Medina, Rafael (Centers Disease Control, 2016)
    • Characterization of Viral Load, Viability and Persistence of Influenza A Virus in Air and on Surfaces of Swine Production Facilities 

      Neira Ramírez, Víctor; Rabinowitz, Peter; Rendahl, Aaron; Paccha, Blanca; Gibbs, Shawn G.; Torremorell, Montserrat (Public Library Science, 2016)
      Indirect transmission of influenza A virus (IAV) in swine is poorly understood and information is lacking on levels of environmental exposure encountered by swine and people during outbreaks of IAV in swine barns. We ...
    • Detection of influenza A virus in aerosols of vaccinated and non-vaccinated pigs in a warm environment 

      Neira Ramírez, Víctor; Allerson, Matt; Corzo, Cesar; Culhane, Marie; Rendahl, Aaron; Torremorell, Montserrat (Public library science, 2018-05-21)
      The 2009 influenza pandemic, the variant H3N2v viruses in agricultural fairs and the zoonotic poultry H5N9 infections in China have highlighted the constant threat that influenza A viruses (IAV) present to people and ...
    • Epidemiological investigations of the introduction of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Chile, 2013-2015 

      Neira Ramírez, Víctor; Brito, Bárbara; Mena, Juan; Culhane, Marie; Apel, María Ignacia; Max, Vanessa; Pérez, Patricio; Moreno, Valentina; Mathieu, Christian; Johow, Magdalena; Badia, Catalina; Torremorell, Montserrat; Medina, Rafael; Ortega, René (Public Library Science, 2017)
      Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome ( PRRS) is endemic in most pork producing countries. In Chile, eradication of PRRS virus ( PRRSV) was successfully achieved in 2009 as a result of the combined efforts of ...
    • Identification of a divergent genotype of equine arteritis virus from South American donkeys 

      Rivas, J.; Neira Ramírez, Víctor; Mena, J.; Brito, B.; García, A.; Gutierrez, C.; Sandoval, D.; Ortega, R. (Wiley, 2017)
      A novel equine arteritis virus (EAV) was isolated and sequenced from feral donkeys in Chile. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that the new virus and South African asinine strains diverged at least 100years from equine EAV ...
    • Novel avulaviruses in penguins, Antarctica 

      Neira Ramírez, Víctor; Tapia, Rodrigo; Verdugo, Claudio; Barriga, Gonzalo; Mor, Sunil; Fei Fan Ng, Terry; García, Victoria; Río, José del; Rodrigues, Pedro; Briceño Urzua, Cristóbal; Medina, Rafael A.; González Acuña, Daniel (Centers Disease Control, 2017)
    • Taxonomy of the order mononegavirales: update 2018 

      Amarasinghe, Gaya K.; Arechiga Ceballos, Nidia G.; Banyard, Ashley C.; Basler, Christopher F.; Bavari, Sina; Bennett, Andrew J.; Blasdell, Kim R.; Briese, Thomas; Bukreyev, Alexander; Cai, Yingyun; Calisher, Charles H.; Campos Lawson, Cristine; Chandran, Kartik; Chapman, Colin A.; Chiu, Charles Y.; Choi, Kang-Seuk; Collins, Peter L.; Dietzgen, Ralf G.; Dolja, Valerian V.; Dolnik, Olga; Domier, Leslie L.; Duerrwald, Ralf; Dye, John M.; Easton, Andrew J.; Ebihara, Hideki; Echevarria, Juan E.; Fooks, Anthony R.; Formenty, Pierre B. H.; Fouchier, Ron A. M.; Freuling, Conrad M.; Ghedin, Elodie; Goldberg, Tony L.; Hewson, Roger; Horie, Masayuki; Hyndman, Timothy H.; Jiang, Daohong; Kityo, Robert; Kobinger, Gary P.; Kondo, Hideki; Koonin, Eugene V.; Krupovic, Mart; Kurath, Gael; Lamb, Robert A.; Lee, Benhur; Leroy, Eric M.; Maes, Piet; Maisner, Andrea; Marston, Denise A.; Mor, Sunil Kumar; Mueller, Thomas; Muhlberger, Elke; Neira Ramírez, Víctor; Netesov, Sergey V.; Ng, Terry Fei Fan; Nowotny, Norbert; Palacios, Gustavo; Patterson, Jean L.; Paweska, Janusz T.; Payne, Susan L.; Prieto, Karla; Rima, Bertus K.; Rota, Paul; Rubbenstroth, Dennis; Schwemmle, Martin; Siddell, Stuart; Smither, Sophie J.; Song, Qisheng; Song, Timothy; Stenglein, Mark D.; Stone, David M.; Takada, Ayato; Tesh, Robert B.; Matsumiya Thomazelli, Luciano; Tomonaga, Keizoi; Tordo, Noel; Towner, Jonathan S.; Vasilakis, Nikos; Vazquez Moron, Sonia; Verdugo, Claudio; Volchkov, Viktor E.; Wahl, Victoria; Walker, Peter J.; Wang, David; Wang, Lin-Fa; Wellehan, James F. X.; Wiley, Michael R.; Whitfield, Anna E.; Wolf, Yuri I.; Ye, Gongyin; Zhang, Yong Zhen; Kuhn, Jens H. (Springer, 2018)
      In 2018, the order Mononegavirales was expanded by inclusion of 1 new genus and 12 novel species. This article presents the updated taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales as now accepted by the International Committee on ...