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    • Isolation of Viable Porcine Islets by Selective Osmotic Shock Without Enzymatic Digestion 

      Atwater Ransom, Illani; Guajardo, M.; Caviedes Fernández, Pablo; Jeffs, S.; Parrau, D.; Valencia, M.; Romero, C.; Arriagada Abarzúa, Christian; Caamaño, Edgardo; Salas, A.; Olguín, F.; Atlagich, Miljenko; Maas, R.; Mears, David; Rojas, Eduardo (ELSEVIER, 2010)
      Islet transplantation is a potential cure for type 1 diabetes, but clinical results have been disappointing. Currently, islet isolation is by enzymatic digestion of the pancreas which has significant pitfalls: warm ...