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    • Accelerated sea-level rise from West Antarctica 

      Thomas, R.; Rignot, E.; Casassa, Gino; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Kanagaratnam, P.; Acuña, César; Akins, T.; Brecher, Henry; Frederick, E.; Gogineni, P.; Krabill, W.; Manizade, S.; Ramamoorthy, H.; Russell, R.; Sonntag, J.; Swift, R.; Yungel, J.; Zwally, J. (AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE, 2004-10-08)
      Recent aircraft and satellite laser altimeter surveys of the Amundsen Sea sector of West Antarctica show that local glaciers are discharging about 250 cubic kilometers of ice per year to the ocean, almost 60% more than is ...
    • Elevation change and ice flow at Horseshoe Valley, Patriot Hills, West Antarctica 

      Casassa, Gino; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Acuña, César; Brecher, Henry; Lange, Heiner (INT GLACIOLOGICAL SOC, 2004)
      Patriot Hills is located at 80 degrees 18'S, 81 degrees 22'W, at the southernmost end of the Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica. A comparison of glacier elevation data and ice velocities obtained by the ...
    • Glacier shrinkage and negative mass balance in the Chilean Lake District (40°S) 

      Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Bown, Francisca; Casassa, Gino; Acuña, César; Clavero, Jorge (Taylor & Francis, 2005)
      Ice-capped volcanoes of the Chilean Lake District have shown significant glacier retreat during recent decades, probably in response to tropospheric warming and precipitation decrease. Volcán Mocho-Choshuenco (39°55′S, ...
    • Glacier wastage on southern Adelaide Island, Antarctica, and its impact on snow runway operations 

      Casassa, Gino; Thomas, R.; Rignot, E.; Zamora, R.; Antúnez, D.; Acuña, César; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Ordenes, F. (INT GLACIOLOGICAL SOC, 2005)
      The variations and dynamics of the southern edge of Fuchs Ice Piedmont, Adelaide island (67 degrees 45'09'S, 68 degrees 55'04'W), Antarctic Peninsula, are presented. The snow-covered surface of the glacier has been used ...
    • I ghiacciai del Cile come indicatori dei cambiamenti climatici - Chilean Glaciers as indicators of climate change 

      Bown, Francisca; Acuña, César; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Ordenes, Fernando (CONSEJO NACIONAL DE INVESTIGACIONES CIENTIFICAS Y TECNICAS, 2008)
      This work presents a summary of Chile’s present glacial environment and its most significant recent variations. Though the behaviour of some glaciers may be driven by non-climatic factors, the majority of them experienced ...
    • La institución del amicus curiae en el procedimiento ambiental frente a las normas de debido proceso legal 

      Toledo Acuña, César (Universidad de Chile, 2016)
      El presente trabajo trata sobre la institución del Amicus Curiae en los procedimientos ambientales, frente a las normas del Debido Proceso Legal
    • Recent glacier variations at the Aconcagua basin, central Chilean Andes 

      Bown, Francisca; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Acuña, César (International Glaciological Society, 2008-06)
      The majority of glaciers in central Chile have receded in recent decades, from >50m to only a few meters per year, mainly in response to an increase in the 08C isotherm altitude. The Aconcagua river basin (338 S) is one ...
    • The surface energy balance of an active ice-covered volcano:Villarrica Volcano, Southern Chile 

      Brock, Benjamin; Casassa, Gino; Bown, Francisca; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Acuña, César (International Glaciological Society, 2007-10)
      The energy balance of bare snow and tephra-covered ice near the glacier equilibrium line elevation on Villarrica Volcano, southern Chile, was investigated during 2004 and 2005, combining meteorological, surface temperature ...
    • Variaciones recientes de glaciares en Chile 

      Casassa, Gino; Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Acuña, César (Universidad de Chile, 2000)
      Se presenta una síntesis de la investigación glaciológica realizada en Chile durante las últimas décadas, incluyendo los inventarios existentes, los balances de masa y las variaciones de glaciares, todo lo cual se analiza ...