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    • GRADE equity guidelines 2: considering health equity in GRADE guideline development: equity extension of the guideline development checklist 

      Akl, Elie A.; Welch, Vivian; Pottie, Kevin; Eslava Schmalbach, Javier; Darzi, Andrea; Sola, Ivan; Katikireddi, Srinivasa Vittal; Singh, Jasvinder; Murad, M. Hassan; Meerpohl, Joerg; Stanev, Roger; Lang, Eddy; Matovinovic, Elizabeth; Shea, Beverley; Agoritsas, Thomas; Alexander, Paul E.; Snellman, Alexandra; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Gloss, David; Thabane, Lehana; Shi, Chunhu; Stein, Airton T.; Sharaf, Ravi; Brier, Matthias; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Schunemann, Holger; Tugwell, Peter (Elsevier, 2017)
      Objective: To provide guidance for guideline developers on how to consider health equity at key stages of the guideline development process. Study Design and Setting: Literature review followed by group discussions and ...
    • Improving GRADE evidence tables part 1: a randomized trial shows improved understanding of content in summary of findings tables with a new format 

      Carrasco Labra, Alonso; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Santesso, Nancy; Neumann, Ignacio; Mustafa, Reem; Mbuagbaw, Lawrence; Etxeandia Ikobaltzeta, Itziar; De Stio, Catherine; McCullagh, Lauren; Alonso Coello, Pablo; Meerpohl, Joerg; Vandvik, Per; Brozek, Jan; Akl, Elie; Bossuyt, Patrick; Churchill, Rachel; Glenton, Claire; Rosenbaum, Sarah; Tugwell, Peter; Welch, Vivian; Garner, Paul; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Sch€unemann, Holger (Elsevier, 2016)
      Objectives: The current format of summary of findings (SoFs) tables for presenting effect estimates and associated quality of evidence improve understanding and assist users finding key information in systematic reviews. ...