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    • Discovery and spectroscopy of the young jovian planet 51 Eri b with the Gemini Planet Imager 

      Macintosh, B.; Graham, J. R.; Barman, T.; Rosa, R. De; Konopacky, Q.; Marley, M.; Marois, C.; Nielsen, E.; Pueyo, L.; Rajan, A.; Rameau, J.; Saumon, D.; Wang, J.; Patience, J.; Ammons, M.; Arriaga, P.; Artigau, E.; Beckwith, S.; Brewster, J.; Bruzzone, S.; Bulger, J.; Burningham, B.; Burrows, A.; Chen, C.; Chiang, E.; Chilcote, J. K.; Dawson, R.; Dong, R.; Doyon, R.; Draper, Z.; Duchêne, G.; Esposito, T.; Fabrycky, Daniel; Fitzgerald, M.; Follette, K.; Fortney, J.; Gerard, B.; Goodsell, S.; Greenbaum, A.; Hibon, P.; Hinkley, S.; Cotten, T.; Hung, L.; Ingraham, P.; Johnson-Groh, M.; Kalas, P.; Lafreniere, D.; Larkin, J.; Lee, J.; Line, M.; Long, D.; Maire, J.; Marchis, F.; Matthews, B.; Max, C.; Metchev, S.; Millar-Blanchaer, M.; Mittal, T.; Morley, C.; Morzinski, K.; Murray, R.; Oppenheimer, R.; Palmer, D.; Patel, R.; Perrin, M.; Poyneer, L.; Rafikov, R.; Rantakyrö, F.; Rice, E.; Rojo Rubke, Patricio; Rudy, A.; Ruffio, J.; Ruiz González, María Teresa; Sadakuni, N.; Saddlemyer, L.; Salama, M.; Savransky, D.; Schneider, A.; Sivaramakrishnan, A.; Song, I.; Soummer, R.; Thomas, S.; Vasisht, G.; Wallace, J.; Ward, K.; Wiktorowicz, S.; Wolff, S.; Zuckerman, B. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2015-10-02)
      Directly detecting thermal emission from young extrasolar planets allows measurement of their atmospheric compositions and luminosities, which are influenced by their formation mechanisms. Using the Gemini Planet Imager, ...
    • Millimeter dust continuum emission revealing the true mass of giant molecular clouds in the Small Magellanic Cloud 

      Bot, Caroline; Boulanger, Francois; Rubio López, Mónica; Rantakyro, F. (2007)
      Context. CO observations have been the best way so far to trace molecular gas in external galaxies, but in low metallicity environments the gas mass deduced could be largely underestimated due to enhanced photodissociation ...
    • Millimeter dust emission compared with other mass estimates in N11 molecular clouds in the LMC 

      Herrera, C.; Rubio López, Mónica; Bolatto, A.; Boulanger, F.; Israel, F.; Rantakyro, F. (EDP Sciences, 2013)
      CO and dust emission at millimeter wavelengths are independent tracers of cold interstellar matter, which have seldom been compared on the scale of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) in other galaxies. In this study, and for ...