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    • APEX Millimeter Observations of Methanol Emission Toward High-mass Star-forming Cores 

      Hernández-Hernández, Vicente; Kurtz, Stan; Kalenskii, Sergei; Golysheva, Polina; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Zapata, Luis; Bergman, Per (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2019)
      © 2019. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved..We present 247 GHz molecular line observations of methanol (CH3OH) toward 16 massive star-forming regions using the APEX telescope with an angular resolution ...
    • Deciphering the ionized gas content in the massive star-forming complex G75.78+0.34 

      Sánchez Monge, Álvaro; Kurtz, Stan; Palau, Aina; Estalella, Robert; Shepherd, Debra; Lizano, Susana; Franco, José; Garay Brignardello, Guido (2013-04-01)
      We present subarcsecond observations toward the massive star-forming region G75.78+0.34. We used the Very Large Array to study the centimeter continuum and H2O and CH3OH maser emission, and the Owens Valley Radio Observatory ...
    • SMA millimeter observations of hot molecular cores 

      Hernández-Hernández, Vicente; Zapata, Luis; Kurtz, Stan; Garay Brignardello, Guido (The American Astronomical Society, 2014-05-07)
      We present Submillimeter Array observations in the 1.3 mm continuum and the CH3CN (12K–11K) line of 17 hot molecular cores associated with young high-mass stars. The angular resolution of the observations ranges from ...