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    • Arsenic-related DNA copy-number alterations in lung squamous cell carcinomas 

      Martinez, V. D.; Buys, T. P.H.; Adonis, M.; Benítez, H.; Gallegos, I.; Lam, S.; Lam, W. L.; Gil, L. (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
      Background:Lung squamous cell carcinomas (SqCCs) occur at higher rates following arsenic exposure. Somatic DNA copy-number alterations (CNAs) are understood to be critical drivers in several tumour types. We have assembled ...
    • Optical activity of mixed complexes of copper(II) and amino acids in the visible region 

      Gil, L.; Moraga, E.; Bobadilla, H.; Bunel, S.; Bunton, C. A. (1975)
      Study of the visible absorption and circular dichroism spectra of mixed complexes formed by copper(II), an optically active amino acid anion and a phenanthroline or dipyridyl moiety, shows that although the absorption ...