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    • Finite data-size scaling of clustering in earthquake networks 

      Abe, Sumiyoshi; Pastén, Denisse; Suzuki, Norikazu (ELSEVIER, 2011-04-01)
      An earthquake network is known to be of the small-world type. The values of the network's characteristics, however, depend not only on the cell size (i.e., the scale of coarse graining needed for constructing the network) ...
    • Universalities of earthquake-network characteristics 

      Abe, Sumiyoshi; Pastén, Denisse; Muñoz, Víctor; Suzuki, Norikazu (2011)
      The scale-free and small-world properties are studied in detail for the complex earthquake networks constructed from the seismic data sets taken from California (USA), Japan, Iran and Chile. It is found that, in all these ...