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    • The state of Pluto’s atmosphere in 2012–2013 

      Bosh, A. S.; Person, M. J.; Levine, S. E.; Zuluaga, C. A.; Zangari, A. M.; Gulbis, A. A. S.; Schaefer, G. H.; Dunham, E. W.; Babcock, Bryce A.; Davis, A. B.; Pasachoff, J. M.; Rojo Rubke, Patricio; Servajean, E.; Forster, Francisco; Oswalt, T.; Batcheldor, D.; Bell, D.; Bird, P.; Fey, D.; Fulwider, T.; Geisert, E.; Hastings, D.; Keuhler, C.; Mizusawa, T.; Solenski, P.; Watson, B. (Elsevier, 2015)
      We observed two stellar occultations on UT 4 May 2013 and UT 9 September 2012, with the aim of measuring Pluto’s atmospheric parameters. Both of these events were observed by world-wide collaborations of many observers, ...
    • Trio of Stellar Occultations by Pluto One Year Prior to Newhorizons' Arrival 

      Pasachoff, Jay M.; Person, Michael J.; Bosh, Amanda S.; Sickafoose, Amanda A.; Zuluaga, Carlos; Levine, Stephen E.; Osip, David J.; Schiff, Avery; Seeger, Christina H.; Babcock, Bryce A.; Rojo Rubke, Patricio; Servajean, Elise (IOP Publishing, 2016)
      We observed occultations by Pluto during a predicted series of events in 2014 July with the 1 m telescope of the Mt. John Observatory in New Zealand. The predictions were based on updated astrometry obtained in the previous ...