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    • Charge transport through a single molecule of trans-1- bis- diazofluorene [60] fullerene 

      Stefani, Davide; Gutiérrez Cerón, Cristian; Aravena, Daniel; Labra Muñoz, Jacqueline; Suárez, Catalina; Liu, Shuming; Soler Jauma, Mónica; Echegoyen, Luis; van der Zant, Herre S. J.; Dulic, Diana (American Chemical Society, 2017)
      Fullerenes have attracted interest for their possible applications in various electronic, biological, and optoelectronic devices. However, for efficient use in such devices, a suitable anchoring group has to be employed ...
    • Mechanical tuning of through-molecule conductance in a conjugated calix[4]pyrrole 

      Stefani, Davide; Perrin, Mickael; Gutiérrez Cerón, Cristian; Aragonés, Albert C.; Labra Muñoz, Jacqueline; Carrasco, Rodrigo D. C.; Matsushita, Yoshitaka; Futera, Zdenek; Labuta, Jan; Ngo, Thien H.; Ariga, Katsuhiko; Díez Pérez, Ismael; van der Zant, Herre S. J.; Dulic, Diana; Hill, Jonathan P. (Wiley, 2018)
      A conformationally flexible calix[4]pyrrole possessing a conjugated electronic structure (an N-substituted oxoporphyrinogen (OxP) related to porphyrin) was used to investigate the influence of mechanical stretching on the ...
    • Multiscale Approach to the Study of the Electronic Properties of Two Thiophene Curcuminoid Molecules 

      Etcheverry Berríos, Álvaro; Olavarría, Ignacio; Perrin, Mickael L.; Díaz Torres, Raúl; Jullian, Domingo; Ponce, Ingrid; Zagal Moya, José H.; Pavez, Jorge; Vásquez, Sergio O.; van der Zant, Herre S. J.; Dulic, Diana; Aliaga Alcalde, Nuria; Soler Jauma, Mónica (2016)
      We studied the electronic and conductance properties of two thiophene-curcuminoid molecules, 2-thphCCM (1) and 3-thphCCM (2), in which the only structural difference is the position of the sulfur atoms in the thiophene ...