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    • New planetary systems from the Calan-Hertfordshire Extrasolar planet search 

      Jenkins, James Stewart; Jones, H. R.A.; Tuomi, M.; Díaz, M.; Cordero, J. P.; Aguayo, A.; Pantoja, B.; Arriagada, P.; Mahu, R.; Brahm, R.; Rojo, P.; Soto, M. G.; Ivanyuk, O.; Becerra Yoma, Néstor; Day-Jones, A. C.; Ruiz, M. T.; Pavlenko, Y. V.; Barnes, J. R.; Murgas, F.; Pinfield, D. J. (Oxford University, 2017)
      We report the discovery of eight new giant planets, and updated orbits for four known planets,orbiting dwarf and subgiant stars using the CORALIE, HARPS, and MIKE instruments aspart of the Calan–Hertfordshire Extrasolar ...