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    • GJ 832c: a super-earth in the habitable zone 

      Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Tuomi, Mikko; Butler, R. P.; Jones, H. R.; Anglada Escudé, Guillem; Horner, Jonathan; Tinney, C. G.; Marshall, J. P.; Carter, B. D.; Bailey, J.; Salter, G. S.; O’Toole, S. J.; Wright, D.; Crane, J. D.; Schectman, S. A.; Arriagada, P.; Thompson, I.; Minniti, D.; Jenkins, James Stewart; Diaz, M. (The American Astronomical Society., 2014)
      We report the detection of GJ 832c, a super-Earth orbiting near the inner edge of the habitable zone of GJ 832, an Mdwarf previously known to host a Jupiter analog in a nearly circular 9.4 yr orbit. The combination of ...
    • On the Source of the Dust Extinction in Type Ia Supernovae and the Discovery of Anomalously Strong Na I Absorption 

      Phillips, M. M.; Simon, Joshua D.; Morrell, Nidia; Burns, Christopher R.; Cox, Nick; Foley, Ryan J.; Karakas, Amanda; Patat, F.; Sternberg, A.; Williams, R.; Gal Yam, Avishay; Hsiao, Eric; Leonard, D.; Persson, Sven; Stritzinger, Maximilian; Thompson, I.; Campillay, Abdo; Contreras, Carlos; Folatelli, Gastón; Freedman, Wendy L.; Hamuy Wackenhut, Mario; Roth, Miguel; Shields, Gregory; Suntzeff, Nicholas B.; Chomiuk, Laura; Ivans, Inese; Madore, Barry; Penprase, B.; Perley, Daniel; Pignata Libralato, Giuliano; Preston, G.; Soderberg, Alicia (The American Astronomical Society, 2013-11-10)
      High-dispersion observations of the Na i D λλ5890, 5896 and K i λλ7665, 7699 interstellar lines, and the diffuse interstellar band at 5780 Å in the spectra of 32 Type Ia supernovae are used as an independent means of ...

      Matheson, Thomas; Garnavich, P. M.; Stanek, k. z.; Bersier, D.; Holland, S. T.; Krisciunas, K.; Caldwell, N.; Berlind, P.; Bloom, J. S.; Bolte, M.; Bonanos, A. Z.; Brown, M. J. I.; Brown, W. R.; Calkins, M. L.; Challis, P.; Chornock, R.; Echevarria, L.; Eisenstein, D. J.; Everett, M. E.; Filippenko, A. V.; Flint, K.; Foley, R. J.; Freedman, D. .L.; Hamuy Wackenhut, Mario; Harding, P.; Hathi, N. P.; Hicken, M.; Hoopes, C.; Impey, C.; Jannuzi, B. T.; Jansen, R. A.; Jha, S.; Kaluzny, J.; Kannappan, S.; Kirshner, R. P.; Latham, D. W.; Lee, J. C.; Leonard, D. .C.; Li, W.; Luhman, K. L.; Martini, P.; Mathis, H.; Maza Sancho, José; Megeath, S. T.; Miller, L. R.; Minniti, D.; Olszewski, E. W.; Papenkova, M.; Phillips, M. M.; Pindor, B.; Sasselov, D. D.; Schild, R.; Schweiker, H.; Spahr, T.; Thomas-Osip, J.; Thompson, I.; Weisz, D.; Windhorst, R.; Zaritsky, D. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, TEMPLE CIRCUS, TEMPLE WAY,, 2003-12-10)
      We present extensive optical and infrared photometry of the afterglow of gamma-ray burst (GRB) 030329 and its associated supernova (SN) 2003dh over the first two months after detection (2003March 30–May 29 UT). Optical ...