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    • Adaptation to milking agropastoralism in Chilean goat herders and nutritional benefit of lactase persistence 

      Montalva, Nicolás; Adhikari, Kaustubh; Liebert, Anke; Mendoza Revilla, Javier; Flores, Sergio V.; Mace, Ruth; Swallow, Dallas M. (Wiley, 2019)
      The genetic trait of lactase persistence (LP) evolved as an adaptation to milking pastoralism in the Old World and is a well-known example of positive natural selection in humans. However, the specific mechanisms conferring ...
    • Encuadres del cambio climático en Chile: análisis de discurso en prensa digital 

      Hasbún Mancilla, Julio Octavio; Aldunce Ide, Paulina; Blanco Wells, Gustavo; Browne Sartori, Rodrigo (Universidad Autónoma Estado de México, 2017)
      This article presents a discourse analysis of four digital media press in Chile with regard to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The research, unprecedented for the Chilean case, is aimed at acknowledging the ...