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    • Feeding and foraging behaviour of alpaca in northern Chile 

      Raggi Saini, Luis; Jiliberto, E.; Urquieta Mangiola, Bessie (1994)
      Alpaca play a primary role in the Andean peasant economy. Major constraints to productivity include lack of knowledge of relations between reproduction and nutrition and of the potential of alpaca outside their normal ...
    • Ram semen deterioration by short-term exposure to high altitude is prevented by improvement of antioxidant status 

      Cofré, E.; Peralta, O. A.; Raggi, A.; Reyes, Mónica de los; Sales, F.; González Bulnes, A.; Parraguez, Víctor Hugo (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
      Ovine reproduction efficiency in herds at high altitude (ha) is lower than that at low altitude (la). In ewes, ha effects are due to hypoxia and oxidative stress. Our aim was to establish the effect of antioxidant vitamin ...