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    • Welfare status of working horses and owners' perceptions of their animals 

      Luna, Daniela; Vásquez Salfate, Rodrigo; Rojas, Manuel; Tadich Gallo, Tamara (MDPI AG, 2017)
      Simple Summary: Appropriate strategies aimed at improving the welfare of working horses should contemplate the assessment of welfare status, as well as the evaluation of the human-animal relationship within each geo-cultural ...
    • Western Blot Analysis of Proacrosin/Acrosin in Frozen Dog Sperm During In Vitro Capacitation 

      Reyes Solovera, Mónica de los; Medina, G.; Palomino Mackenney, Jaime (WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC, 2009-07)
      Acrosin is an acrosomal protease synthesized as an inactive precursor, proacrosin, which is processed via autoproteolysis into active forms alpha- and beta-acrosin. In this paper, a comparative study on the immunoreactivity ...
    • What can physical, biotic and chemical features of a tree hollow tell us about their associated diversity? 

      Micó, Estefanía; García López, Alejandra; Sánchez, Antonio; Juárez, Margarita; Galante, Eduardo (Springer, 2015)
      Tree hollows are keystone structures for saproxylic fauna and host numerous endangered species. However, not all tree hollows are equal. Many variables including physical, biotic and chemical ones, can characterise a tree ...
    • Whole-genome comparative analysis of the pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis 

      Bravo, Cristian; Martínez Moncada, Víctor (Elsevier, 2016)
      The intracellular pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis is the etiological agent of piscirickettsiosis, the most important bacterial disease that affects the Chilean salmon industry. Despite its importance, little is known ...
    • Wild birds in Chile harbor diverse avian influenza A viruses 

      Jiménez Bluhm, Pedro; Karlsson, Erik A.; Freiden, Pamela; Sharp, Bridgett; Di Pillo, Francisca; Osorio, Jorge E.; Hamilton-West Miranda, Christopher; Schultz Cherry, Stacey (Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
      While the circulation of avian influenza viruses (IAV) in wild birds in the northern hemisphere has been well documented, data from South America remain sparse. To address this gap in knowledge, we undertook IAV surveillance ...
    • Wildlife forensic science in the investigation of poaching of vicuna 

      Marín, Juan Carlos; Toledo, Víctor; Espinoza, Edgar (Cambridge Univ Press, 2016)
    • Withdrawal time of four pharmaceutical formulations of enrofloxacin in poultry according to different maximum residues limits 

      San Martín, Betty; Hidalgo Olate, Héctor; Cornejo, J.; Lapierre Acevedo, Lisette; Iragüen Contreras, Daniela; Pérez, F.; Andre, F. (2009)
      To ensure delivery of safe animal products to consumers, the withdrawal time (WDT) of drugs must be respected. Property differences among pharmaceutical formulations, for the same drugs, can lead to differences in the ...
    • Worldwide Phylogenetic Relationship of Avian Poxviruses 

      Gyuranecz, Miklós; Foster, Jeffrey T.; Dán, Adám; Ip, Hon S.; Egstad, Kristina F.; Parker, Patricia G.; Higashiguchi, Jenni M.; Skinner, Michael A.; Höfle, Ursula; Kreizinger, Zsuzsa; Dorrestein, Gerry M.; Solt, Szabolcs; Sós, Endre; Kim, Young Jun; Uhart, Marcela; Pereda, Ariel; González-Hein, Gisela; Hidalgo Olate, Héctor; Blanco, Juan Manuel; Erdélyi, Károly (2013)
      Poxvirus infections have been found in 230 species of wild and domestic birds worldwide in both terrestrial and marine environments. This ubiquity raises the question of how infection has been transmitted and globally ...
    • Zona pellucida: An extracellular matrix with applications in the study of immunocontraception in domestic carnivores 

      Sánchez, Alfonso; Reyes Solovera, Mónica de los (UNIV ZULIA, FACULTAD CIENCIAS VETERINARIAS, 2004-10)
      Zona pellucida (ZP) is an extracellular matrix surrounding the mammalian oocyte. In most mammalian species this matrix consists of three families of glycoproteins likely to suffer several postraductional modifications to ...