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    • In vitro and in vivo effects of apple peel polyphenols against helicobacter pylori 

      Pastene, Edgar; Speisky Cosoy, Hernán; García, Apolinaria; Moreno, Jessica; Troncoso, Miriam; Figueroa, Guillermo (2010)
      The inhibitory effects of a standarized apple peel polyphenol-rich extract (APPE) against Helicobacter pylori infection and vacuolating bacterial toxin (VacA) induced vacuolation were investigated. Apple peel polyphenols ...
    • KCTD5 and ubiquitin proteasome signaling are required for Helicobacter pylori adherence 

      Alvarez, Alhejandra; Uribe, Felipe; Canales, Jimena; Romero, Cristóbal; Soza, Andrea; Peña, María A.; Antonelli Anativia, Juan; Almarza, Oscar; Cerda Arancibia, Óscar; Toledo Araya, Héctor (Frontiers Media SA, 2017)
      In order to establish infection, bacterial pathogens modulate host cellular processes by using virulence factors, which are delivered from the bacteria to the host cell leading to cellular reprogramming. In this context, ...