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    • Reporting, handling and assessing the risk of bias associated with missing participant data in systematic reviews: a methodological survey 

      Akl, Elie A.; Carrasco Labra, Alonso; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Neumann, Ignacio; Johnston, Bradley C.; Sun, Xin; Briel, Matthias; Busse, Jason W.; Ebrahim, Shanil; Granados, Carlos E.; Iorio, Alfonso; Irfan, Affan; Martínez García, Laura; Mustafa, Reem A.; Ramírez Morera, Anggie; Selva, Anna; Solà, Iván; Sanabria, Andrea Juliana; Tikkinen, Kari A. O.; Vandvik, Per O.; Vernooij, Robin W. M.; Zazueta, Oscar E.; Zhou, Qi; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Alonso Coello, Pablo (BMJ, 2015)
      Objectives: To describe how systematic reviewers are reporting missing data for dichotomous outcomes, handling them in the analysis and assessing the risk of associated bias. Methods: We searched MEDLINE and the Cochrane ...