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    • Five-year Effects of Chlorhexidine on the In Vitro Durability of Resin/Dentin Interfaces 

      Loguercio, Alessandro; Hass, Viviane; Gutiérrez Reyes, Mario; Luque Martínez, Issis; Szezs, Anna; Stanislawczuk, Rodrigo; Bandeca, Matheus; Reis, Alessandra (Quintessence, 2016)
      Purpose: To evaluate the effect of an acid containing 2% chlorhexidine (Ac/CHX) or a 2% CHX aqueous solution (Aq/CHX) on the immediate and 5-year bonding properties of resin/dentin interfaces produced by two adhesives. ...
    • Optical Dental Whitening Efficacy of Blue Covarine Toothpaste in Teeth Stained by Different Colors 

      Oliveira, Morgana; Fernández Godoy, Eduardo; Bortolatto, Janaina; Oliveira, Osmir Batista; Bandeca, Matheus; Khajotia, Sharukh; Florez, Fernando (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)
      Objective: Evaluate the immediate and cumulative optical whitening efficacy of a blue covarine toothpaste. Materials and Methods: 180 bovine tooth specimens with similar shade (Delta E<3.5) were staining of different ...