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  • Dupré Casanova, Jorge Daniel ( 2014)
    Este trabajo de título tiene como objetivo fundamental analizar el aporte que se pueda generar a una metodología al introducir un análisis con medidas de centralidad de Teoría de Grafos, para la detección de Objetos Claves ...
  • Seguel, F.; Soto, I.; Krommenacker, N.; Maldonado, M.; Becerra Yoma, Néstor (Elsevier, 2015)
    This communication revisits previously reported results on froth depth profiling along a rougher flotation bank. The optimization problem is reformulated as to maximize the overall bank Cu recovery subject to a lower bound ...
  • Sfyris, D.; Bustamante, Roger (Sringer, 2015)
    We report results concerning the treatment of elastic bodies described by implicit constitutive relations which are not solvable, in the sense of expressing the stresses as functions of the strains or vice versa. Motivated ...
  • Moni Bidin, C.; Smith, R.; Carraro, Giovanni; Méndez Bussard, René (EDP SCIENCES, 2015)
    Context. In 2012, we applied a three-dimensional formulation to kinematic measurements of the Galactic thick disk and derived a surprisingly low dark matter density at the solar position. This result was challenged by Bovy ...
  • Armaza, Cristóbal; Reisenegger, Andreas; Valdivia Hepp, Juan (IOP PUBLISHING, 2015)
    Upper main-sequence stars, white dwarfs, and neutron stars are known to possess stable, large-scale magnetic fields. Numerical works have confirmed that stable magnetohydrodynamic equilibria can exist in non-barotropic, ...

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