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  • Herschel-HIFI view of mid-IR quiet massive protostellar objects 

    Herpin, F.; Chavarría, L.; Jacq, T.; Braine, J.; Tak, F. van der; Wyrowski, F.; Dishoeck, E. F. van; Baudry, A.; Bontemps, S.; Kristensen, L.; Schmalzl, M.; Mata, J. (EDP Sciences, 2016-03)
    Aims. We present Herschel/MEI observations of 14 water lines in a small sample of Galactic massive protostellar objects: NGC 6334I(N), DR21(OH), IRAS 16272-4837, and IRAS 05358+3543. Using water as a tracer of the structure ...
  • Hemostatic agents for access tract in tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Is it worth 

    Sepulveda Valenzuela, Francisco; Aliaga, Alfredo; Fleck, Daniela; Fernandez, Mario; Mercado, Alejandro; Vilches, Roberto; Moya, Francisco; Ledezma, Rodrigo; Reyes, Diego; Marchant, Fernando (Wolters Kluwer - Medknow, 2016)
    Introduction: The role of hemostatic agents as an adjunct for closure of the nephrostomy tract in tubeless percutaneous surgery (tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy [tPNL]) has been previously evaluated, observing a ...
  • Feeder-trunk or direct lines? Economies of density, transfer costs and transit structure in an urban context 

    Gschwender Krause, Antonio; Jara Díaz, Sergio; Bravo Labra, Claudia (Pergamon-Elsevier, 2016)
    A feeder-trunk scheme has been labeled as superior in urban areas due to the presence of economies of density (decreasing average operating cost) along the avenues served by trunk lines. We compare this structure against ...
  • Familial classification of the Boraginales 

    Luebert Bruron, Federico; Cecchi, Lorenzo; Frohlich, Michael; Gottschling, Marc; Guilliams, C. Matt; Hasenstab Lehman, Kristen; Hilger, Hartmut; Miller, James; Mittelbach, Moritz; Nazaire, Mare; Nepi, Massimo; Nocentini, Daniele; Daniele, Dietrich; Olmstead, Richard; Selvi, Federico; Simpson, Michael; Sutorý, Karel; Valdés, Benito; Walden, Genevieve; Weigend, Maximilian (International Association for Plant Taxonomy, 2016)
    he Boraginales are now universally accepted as monophyletic and firmly placed in Lamiidae. However, a consensus about familial classification has remained elusive, with some advocating recognition of a single, widely ...
  • Extreme temperature and precipitation events in March 2015 in central and northern Chile 

    Barrett, Bradford; Campos, Diego; Veloso, José; Rondanelli Rojas, Roberto (American Geophysical Union, 2016)
    From 18 to 27 March 2015, northern, central, and southern Chile experienced a series of extreme hydrometeorological events. First, the highest surface air temperature ever recorded in Santiago (with reliable records dating ...

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