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    • Moreno, Rodrigo; Bezerra, Bernardo; Rudnick, Hugh; Suazo Martínez, Carlos; Carvalho, Martha; Navarro, Alejandro; Silva, Carlos; Strbac, Goran (IEEE-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers, 2020)
    • Espinoza, Sebastián; Sacaan, Rafael; Rudnick, Hugh; Panteli, Mathaios; Mancarella, Pierluigi; Poulos, Alan; De La Llera, Juan; Navarro, Alejandro; Moreno, Rodrigo (IEEE Computer Society, 2018)
      Even though the concept of resilience is becoming widely used in electric power systems, there is no consensus on how to systematically model or quantify it. This article begins by proposing a classification for different ...