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Authordc.contributor.authorParraguez Gamboa, Víctor 
Authordc.contributor.authorMamani, Sandra 
Authordc.contributor.authorCofre, Eileen 
Authordc.contributor.authorCastellaro, Giorgio 
Authordc.contributor.authorUrquieta Mangiola, Bessie 
Authordc.contributor.authorReyes Solovera, Mónica de los 
Authordc.contributor.authorAstiz, Susana 
Authordc.contributor.authorGonzález Bulnes, Antonio 
Cita de ítemdc.identifier.citationPLoS ONE 10(11): e0140902, 2015en_US
Identifierdc.identifier.otherDOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0140902
General notedc.descriptionArtículo de publicación ISIen_US
Abstractdc.description.abstractPregnancies at high-altitudes are influenced by hypoxia and oxidative stress and frequently affected by IUGR. However, a common thought is that early pregnant women visiting altitude have no major complications for gestation development, since IUGR is developed during the second half of pregnancy. Thus, using a well-characterized sheep-model, we aimed to determine whether long-and/or short-term exposure to high-altitude may affect maternal steroidogenesis and therefore embryo-fetal growth from conception. The second aim was to differentiate the relative role of hypoxia and oxidative stress by assessing the effects of supplementation with antioxidant agents during this early-pregnancy stage, which were previously found to be useful to prevent IUGR. The results indicate that both long-and short-term exposure to high-altitude causes disturbances in maternal ovarian steroidogenesis and negatively affects embryo-fetal growth already during the very early stages of gestation, with the consequences being even worsened in newcomers to high-altitude. The supply of antioxidant during this period only showed discrete effects for preventing IUGR. In conclusion, the present study gives a warning for clinicians about the risks for early-pregnant women when visiting high-altitude regions and suggests the need for further studies on the effects of the length of exposure and on the interaction of the exposure with the pregnancy stage.en_US
Patrocinadordc.description.sponsorshipFONDECYT from CONICYT, Chile; Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID).en_US
Publisherdc.publisherPublic Library of Scienceen_US
Type of licensedc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Chile*
Link to Licensedc.rights.uri*
Keywordsdc.subjectEarly gestationen_US
Keywordsdc.subjectVascular developmenten_US
Keywordsdc.subjectProgesterone concentrationsen_US
Keywordsdc.subjectOxidative stressen_US
Keywordsdc.subjectFetal cardiovascular defenseen_US
Títulodc.titleDisturbances in Maternal Steroidogenesis and Appearance of Intrauterine Growth Retardation at High-Altitude Environments Are Established from Early Pregnancy. Effects of Treatment with Antioxidant Vitaminsen_US
Document typedc.typeArtículo de revistaen_US

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Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Chile
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