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    • Blood biochemical indicators in young and adult Cebus apella of both sexes 

      Núñez, H.; Araya, Matilde; Cisternas, F.; Arredondo, M.; Méndez, M.; Pizarro, F.; Ortiz, A.; Ortiz, R.; Olivares, M. A (2008)
      Background: A frequent drawback in physiology of non-human primates is that normal values for a variety of indicators (haematological, biochemical and others) are scant. Methods: We report here the blood values in a series ...
    • Thermal remote sensing in the framework of the SEN2FLEX project: field measurements, airborne data and applications 

      Sobrino, J. A.; Jiménez Muñoz, J. C.; Sòria, G.; Gómez, M.; Barella Ortiz, A.; Romaguera, M.; Zaragoza, M.; Julien, Y.; Cuenca, J.; Atitar, M.; Hidalgo, V.; Franch, B.; Mattar, C.; Ruescas, A.; Morales Salinas, Luis; Gillespie, A.; Balick, L.; Su, Z.; Nerry, F.; Peres, L.; Libonati, R. (Taylor & Francis, 2008-09)
      A description of thermal radiometric field measurements carried out in the framework of the European project SENtinel-2 and Fluorescence Experiment (SEN2FLEX) is presented. The field campaign was developed in the region ...