¿Wat is Repositorio Académico?
R.- Is a tool to store and preserve the scientific production generated by teachers and researchers of the Universidad de Chile, making it visible from other repositories of the major universities worldwide. This service to provides access to academic materials in format.
¿Who can to deposit documents Repositorio Académico?
R.- Academics and researchers from the University of Chile sending a request to Academic Repository administrator or staff appropriately authorized by the Administrator.
¿Who can search or download documents from Repositorio Académico?
R.- The Repositorio Académico of the Universidad de Chile is an open access service, therefore, anyone through Internet could visit and use this service. The restrictions on digital documents contained are determined by the authors whom deposit their documents.
¿What benefits do I have to publish my posts and / or thesis in the Academic Repository??
R.- Allows to have an effective indexing and visibility, significantly increasing the dissemination of my publications and / or dissertation and the possibility that they can be read and to be cited by other authors.
¿What kind of materials can to deposit?
R.- The range of content is wide. In general, you can to deposit in Repositorio Académico scientific and academic material (class notes, articles, books, book chapters, proceedings, etc.), even the first results of their research papers or teaching-learning resources like, PowerPoint or other.
¿Is it mandatory to publish my thesis in full text in Academic Repository of the University of Chile?
R.- No, but the University of Chile, published a document with basic information: title page, table of contents and summary.
¿Who retain intellectual property rights to deposit my documents Repositorio Académico?
R.- Materials or documents deposited in Repositorio Académico are due to policies and practices that protect the rights of those documents deposited.
¿Who in the Repository retains the intellectual property rights over the material deposited?
R.- The only rights possessed Repositorio Académico over the documents deposited, are making copies for backup the collections migrate to another format if necessary.
¿What should I do to get my documents Repositorio Académico?
R.- If you are academic of the Universidad de Chile and wish to deposit their papers in Repositorio Académico please contact to System administrator to deposit your document in the repository.
It is not recommended that anyone has access to my documents. ¿What I can do?
R.- If you don´t want put your document to available to the general public in Repositorio Académico, is possible lock the access. However, if the access to the document is locked the access to the electronic document as well. When you enter your documents in the Repository, will have multiple instances to restrict access to documents.(see copyright)
I found an error, ¿how we can modify the access?
R.- In general, you do not have privilegies necessaries to modifie documents and records deposited . Please contact to administrator of Repositorio Académico with your request. This is to ensure that the changes, if necessary, be made with appropriate controls.
The following changes may be made at the level of documents or metadata.
  • Replace deposited documents (files), usually when you need to replace with a new revised version.
  • Modify metadata, if it detects errors in the description of material data, (author, title, year of publication, keywords, spelling errors, etc.)

All changes indicate when were made, who made, why and for whom was authorized. Usually, the administrator performs the changes, but who's authorizes deposited material.
¿How can it benefit me Repository?
R.- Our interest is to store your documents safely, avoiding losing them potential damage or obsolescence of physical storage devices. Our interest is to store their documents in digital format, migrating these files to new formats when the existing ones are obsolete. Our aim also is to promote and disseminate their work Académic, both national and internationally, using the tools to do the development of new technologies give us. Repositorio Académico no It is only for those documents deposited in it: it is for posterity to ensure that the academic production of the University, is available to future researchers.
¿Have cost for me?
R.- This service is without cost.The cost is the time you must invest the time to deposit their documents and describe the data required in the chain of income.
¿What file formats should I use?
R.- In general, any format.
Please contact the repository administrator to request advice about file formats used.
¿I can have my own Collection?
R.- Repository collections are organized according to Faculties and Institutes of the Universidad de Chile. A Faculty may have a sub-collection for a specific Department or Centre, if you with.In gene ral,Repositories does not keep individual collections, they prioritize creating collections agencies to ensure their preservation in time.
¿What is metadata?
¿What is a item or record?
R.-Item or record is a storage unitRepositorio Académico. consist in:
  • One or more files: A deposit item, such.

  • Associated metadata: author, title, publisher, year of publication, keywords, etc.

How much space can I take?
R.- Repositorio Académico no specify a minimum or maximum size for files to deposit.
¿It is mandatory to deposit my documents in Repositorio Académico?
R.- No. However,depositing documents Repositorio Académico,will ensure appropriate dissemination thereof, at national and international levels, in addition to be contributing to the preservation of the documentary heritage of academics of the Universidad de Chile.