Submission of publications for Academic Repository

Dear academics and researchers:

Our university values your research and creations expressed in academic publications, and wish to promote the preservation and dissemination of this knowledge.

To this purpose we invite you to send your digital publications for inclusion Repositorio Académico de la Universidad de Chile.

  • Journal article.
  • Books.
  • Books chapter.
  • Others.

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Print format:

If your publication is in print format, send it directly to your library, with the authorization form. For any questions or difficulties, write to:

Be noted that this information is synchronized with the Academic Portfolio and allowed to form a reliable database and constantly updated, as required by the several processes of evaluation and assessment, both institutional and personal.


If your publication is a thesis must be submitted (Full text) next to the authorization form properly completed and signed, in appropriate academic unit. Or, send digital if your Faculty or Institute has implemented an electronic registration system coordinated with the thesis in Repositorio Académico.

If you are a former student and want your thesis to be published in the Academic Repository should only send the full text digital archive by the authorization form, properly completed and signed, to the library of the Faculty or Institute or by e-mail:


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