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    • Fluid restriction decreases solid food consumption post-exercise 

      Pérez-Luco, Cristian; Díaz-Castro, Francisco; Jorquera, Carlos; Troncoso, Rodrigo; Zbinden-Foncea, Hermann; Johannsen, Neil M.; Castro-Sepulveda, Mauricio (MDPI AG, 2019)
      Dehydration in rodents induces anorexia. In humans however, the role of dehydration in energy intake is controversial. This study investigated the effect of extreme fluid restriction on acute energy intake during and after ...
    • Mifepristone for treatment of metabolic syndrome: beyond cushing’s syndrome 

      Díaz Castro, Francisco; Monsalves Álvarez, Matías; Rojo, Leonel E.; Campo, Andrea del; Troncoso, Rodrigo (Frontiers Media, 2020)
      A growing body of research indicates that cortisol, the glucocorticoid product of the activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, plays a role in the pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome. In this regard, chronic ...
    • Polycystin-2 is required for starvation- And rapamycin-induced atrophy in myotubes 

      Kretschmar, Catalina; Peña Oyarzún, Daniel; Hernando, Cecilia; Hernández Moya, Nadia; Molina Berríos, Alfredo Enrique; Hernández-Cáceres, María Paz; Lavandero González, Sergio; Budini, Mauricio; Morselli, Eugenia; Parra, Valentina; Troncoso, Rodrigo; Criollo Céspedes, Alfredo (Frontiers Media S.A., 2019)
      Copyright © 2019 Kretschmar, Peña-Oyarzun, Hernando, Hernández-Moya, Molina-Berríos, Hernández-Cáceres, Lavandero, Budini, Morselli, Parra, Troncoso and Criollo.Muscle atrophy involves a massive catabolism of intracellular ...