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    • Higiéne pública y movilidad urbana en el Santiago de 1900 

      Booth Pinochet, Rodrigo (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2013)
      How has changed the notion of environmental pollution as a problem specific to the city? A review on the fragile health status of the public space in Santiago in the late 19th century reveals an unexpected and consistent ...
    • Thinking about Mobilities as Cultural Encounters A Conversation with Guillermo Giucci 

      Singh, Dhan Zunino; Errázuriz, Tomas; Booth Pinochet, Rodrigo; Piglia, Melina (2016)
    • Un hotel para contener el Sur 

      Booth Pinochet, Rodrigo; Lavín, Cynthia (2013)
      Driven by railroad expansion, Chilean collective imagination slowly incorporated the distant provinces. The process was strongly determined by tourism and the construction of hotel infrastructure such as the Hotel Pucón.