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    • Low bone mineral density in a cohort of normal, overweight and obese Chilean adolescents 

      Blanco, Estela; Reyes Jedlicki, Marcela; Burrows, Raquel; Martínez, Suzanna M.; Gahagan, Sheila (Blackwell, 2011)
      This study aimed to report on a high prevalence of low bone mineral density (BMD) and to explore the relationship between BMD, sex and body composition among a cohort of Chilean adolescents.
    • Mechanisms linking childhood weight status to metabolic risk in adolescence 

      Martínez, Suzanna M.; Blanco, Estela; Burrows Argote, Raquel; Lozoff, Betsy; Gahagan, Sheila (Wiley, 2020)
      Background Obesity is a risk factor for insulin resistance (IR) and metabolic disease. Objective To examine potential metabolic pathways linking childhood weight status to adolescent IR and metabolic risk. Methods Participants ...