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    • Association of Primary Pneumocystis carinii Infection and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 

      Vargas Munita, Sergio; Ponce, Carolina A.; Hughes, Walter T.; Wakefield, Ann E.; Weitz, Juan C.; Donoso, Sergio; Ulloa, Ana V.; Madrid, Patricio; Gould, Stephen; Latorre, Juan J.; Ávila, Ricardo; Benveniste, Samuel; Gallo, Miriam; Belletti, José; López, René (Univ Chicago, 1999)
      To delineate clinical and histological features of the first Pneumocystis carinii infection affecting the immunocompetent host, P. carinii-specific histological stains were performed on autopsy lung specimens from 534 ...
    • Search for Primary Infection by Pneumocystis carinii in a Cohort of Normal, Healthy Infants 

      Vargas Munita, Sergio; Hughes, Walter T.; Santolaya de Pablo, María Elena; Ulloa, Ana V.; Ponce, Carolina A.; Cabrera, Cecilia E.; Cumsille, Francisco; Gigliotti, Francis (Unic Chicago Press, 2001)
      To determine whether Pneumocystis carinii is associated with clinical illness in the competent host, 107 normal, healthy infants were enrolled in a 2-year prospective cohort study in Chile. P. carinii was identified by ...
    • Transmission of Pneumocystis carinii DNA from a patient with P-carinii pneumonia to immunocompetent contact health care workers 

      Vargas Munita, Sergio; Ponce, Carolina A.; Gigliotti, Francis; Ulloa, Ana V.; Prieto, Susana; Muñoz, María P.; Hughes, Walter T. (Amer Soc Microbiology, 2000)
      The transmission of Pneumocystis carinii from person to person was studied by detecting P. carinii-specific DNA in prospectively obtained noninvasive deep-nasal-swab samples from a child with a documented P. carinii pneumonia ...