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    • A polarographic study of the photodegradation of nitrendipine 

      Squella Serrano, Juan; Zanocco, A.; Perna, S.; Núñez Vergara, Luis (1990)
      Nitrendipine produces a well-defined polarographic peak due to the four-electron reduction of the nitro group. This peak is used for tracking the photodecomposition of nitrendipine in both UV light and daylight conditions. ...
    • An electroactive metabolite from amoxycillin 

      Núñez Vergara, Luis; Daza, R.; Zanocco, A.; Squella Serrano, Juan (1983)
      2-Hydroxy-3-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-6-methylpyrazine (HHMP) is identified as the product obtained by acidic degradation of amoxycillin in the presence of formaldehyde. I.R., n.m.r. and elemental analysis data are reported. The ...
    • Studies on ATP-diphosphohydrolase nucleotide-binding sites by intrinsic fluorescence 

      Kettlun, A. M.; Espinosa, V.; Zanocco, A.; Valenzuela, M. A. (Associacao Brasileira de Divulgacao Cientifica, 2000)
      Potato apyrase, a soluble ATP-diphosphohydrolase, was purified to homogeneity from several clonal varieties of Solanum tuberosum. Depending on the source of the enzyme, differences in kinetic and physicochemical properties ...