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    • A citation analysis of fuzzy research by universities and countries 

      Alfaro García, Víctor G.; Merigó Lindahl, José; Alfaro Calderón, Gerardo G.; Plata Pérez, Leobardo; Gil Lafuente, Anna M.; Herrera Viedma, Enrique (IOS Press, 2020)
      This paper presents the results of a citation analysis focusing on the universities and countries represented by publications in 22 highly oriented fuzzy research journals using bibliometric techniques. Bibliometric studies ...
    • Modelling and simulation in business, economics and management 

      León Castro, Ernesto; Merigó Lindahl, José; Avilés Ochoa, Ezequiel; Gil Lafuente, Anna M.; Herrera Viedma, Enrique (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, 2019)
    • Using Ordered Weighted Average for Weighted Averages Inflation 

      Espinoza Audelo, Luis; León Castro, Ernesto; Olazabal Lugo, Marycruz; Merigó Lindahl, José; Gil Lafuente, Anna M. (World Scientific Publishing, 2020)
      This paper presents the ordered weighted average weighted average inflation (OWAWAI) and some extensions using induced and heavy aggregation operators and presents the generalized operators and some of their families. The ...