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    • The dust properties and physical conditions of the interstellar medium in the LMC massive star-forming complex N11 

      Galametz, M.; Hony, S.; Albrecht, M.; Galliano, F.; Cormier, D.; Lebouteiller, V.; Lee, M.; Madden, S.; Bolatto, A.; Bot, C.; Hughes, A.; Israel, F.; Meixner, M.; Oliviera, J.; Paradis, D.; Pellegrini, E.; Roman Duval, J.; Rubio López, Mónica; Sewilo, M.; Fukui, Y.; Kawamura, A.; Onishi, T. (OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 2016)
      We combine Spitzer and Herschel data of the star-forming region N11 in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) to produce detailed maps of the dust properties in the complex and study their variations with the interstellar-medium ...
    • Erratum: “The Herschel inventory of the agents of galaxy evolution (Heritage) in The Magellanic Clouds, a Herschel Open Time Key Program” (2013, aj, 146, 62) 

      Meixner, M.; Panuzzo, P.; Roman Duval, J.; Engelbracht, C.; Babler, B.; Seale, J.; Hony, S.; Montiel, E.; Sauvage, M.; Gordon, K.; Misselt, K.; Okumura, K.; Chanial, P.; Beck, T.; Bernard, J.; Bolatto, A.; Bot, C.; Boyer, M.; Carlson, L.; Clayton, G.; Chen, C.; Cormier, D.; Fukui, Y.; Galametz, M.; Galliano, F.; Hora, J.; Hughes, A.; Indebetouw, R.; Israel, F.; Kawamura, A.; Kemper, F.; Kim, S.; Kwon, E.; Lebouteiller, V.; Li, A.; Long, K.; Madden, S.; Matsuura, M.; Muller, E.; Oliveira, J.; Onishi, T.; Otsuka, M.; Paradis, D.; Poglitsch, A.; Reach, W.; Robitaille, T.; Rubio López, Mónica; Sargent, B.; Sewilo, M.; Skibba, R.; Smith, L.; Srinivasan, S.; Tielens, A.; van Loon, J.; Whitney, B. (IOP PUBLISHING, 2015)
    • Millimeter dust emission compared with other mass estimates in N11 molecular clouds in the LMC 

      Herrera, C.; Rubio López, Mónica; Bolatto, A.; Boulanger, F.; Israel, F.; Rantakyro, F. (EDP Sciences, 2013)
      CO and dust emission at millimeter wavelengths are independent tracers of cold interstellar matter, which have seldom been compared on the scale of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) in other galaxies. In this study, and for ...
    • The thermal dust emission in N158–N159–N160 (LMC) star-forming complex mapped by Spitzer, Herschel and LABOCA 

      Galametz, M.; Hony, S.; Galliano, F.; Madden, S.; Albrecht, M.; Bot, C.; Cormier, D.; Engelbracht, C.; Fukui, Y.; Israel, F.; Kawamura, A.; Lebouteiller, V.; Li, A.; Meixner, M.; Misselt, K.; Montiel, E.; Okumura, K.; Panuzzo, P.; Roman Duval, J.; Rubio López, Mónica; Sauvage, M.; Seale, J. P.; Sewiło, M.; van Loon, Th. (Royal Astronomical Society, 2013-03-08)
      Low-metallicity galaxies exhibit different properties of the interstellar medium (ISM) compared to nearby spiral galaxies. Obtaining a resolved inventory of the various gas and dust components of massive star-forming ...