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    • Cellular levels of heme affect the activity of dimeric glutamyl-tRNA reductase 

      Armas-Ricard, Merly de; Levicán, Gloria; Katz, Assaf; Moser, Jurgen; Jahn, Dieter; Orellana Orellana, Omar (Elsevier, 2011-02-04)
      Glutamyl-tRNA reductase (GluTR) is the first enzyme committed to tetrapyrrole biosynthesis by the C(5)-pathway. This enzyme transforms glutamyl-tRNA into glutamate-1-semi-aldehyde, which is then transformed into 5-amino ...
    • Complete genome sequence of the bioleaching bacterium Leptospirillum sp group II strain CF-1 

      Ferrer, Alonso; Bunk, Boyke; Sproeer, Cathrin; Biedendieck, Rebekka; Valdes, Natalia; Jahn, Martina; Jahn, Dieter; Orellana, Omar; Levican, Gloria (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV., 2016)
      We describe the complete genome sequence of Leptospirillum sp. group II strain CF-1, an acidophilic bioleaching bacterium isolated from an acid mine drainage (AMD). This work provides data to gain insights about adaptive ...