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    • A search for accreting young companions embedded in circumstellar disks: High-contrast H α imaging with VLT/SPHERE 

      Cugno, G.; Quanz, S. P.; Hunziker, S.; Stolker, T.; Schmid, H. M.; Avenhaus, H.; Baudoz, P.; Bohn, A. J.; Bonnefoy, M.; Buenzli, E.; Chauvin, G.; Cheetham, A.; Desidera, S.; Dominik, C.; Feautrier, P.; Feldt, M.; Ginski, C.; Girard, J. H.; Gratton, R.; Hagelberg, J.; Hugot, (EDP Sciences, 2019)
      Context. In recent years, our understanding of giant planet formation progressed substantially. There have even been detections of a few young protoplanet candidates still embedded in the circumstellar disks of their host ...
    • RefPlanets: Search for reflected light from extrasolar planets with SPHERE/ZIMPOL 

      Hunziker, S.; Schmid, H. M.; Mouillet, D.; Milli, J.; Zurlo, Alice; Abe, L.; Avenhaus, H.; Baruffolo, A.; Bazzon, A.; Boccaletti, A.; Baudoz, P.; Beuzit, J. L.; Carbillet, M.; Chauvin, G.; Dohlen, K.; Chauvin, G.; Claudi, R.; Costille, A.; Daban, J.-B.; Desidera, S.; Dohlen, K.; Dominik, C.; Downing, M.; Engler, N.; Feldt, M.; Fusco, T.; Ginski, C.; Gisler, D.; Girard, J. H.; Gratton, R.; Henning, Th.; Hubin, N.; Kasper, M.; Keller, C. U.; Langlois, M.; Lagadec, E.; Martínez, P.; Maire, A.-L.; Menard, F.; Meyer, M. R.; Pavlov, A.; Pragt, J.; Puget, P.; Quanz, S. P.; Rickman, E.; Roelfsema, R.; Salasnich, B.; Sauvage, J.-F.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Sissa, E.; Snik, F.; Suárez, M.; Szulágyi, J.; Thalmann, Ch.; Turatto, M.; Udry, S.; Van Holstein, R. G.; Vigan, A.; Wildi, F. (EDP ​​Sciences, 2020)
      Aims. RefPlanets is a guaranteed time observation programme that uses the Zurich IMaging POLarimeter (ZIMPOL) of Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet REsearch instrument at the Very Large Telescope to perform a ...
    • Shadowing and multiple rings in the protoplanetary disk of HD 139614 

      Muro Arena, G. A.; Benisty, Myriam; Ginski, C.; Dominik, C.; Facchini, S.; Villenave, M.; van Boekel, R.; Chauvin, G.; Garufi, A.; Henning, T.; Janson, M.; Keppler, M.; Matter, A.; Menard, F.; Stolker, T.; Zurlo, A.; Blanchard, P.; Maurel, D.; Moeller Nilsson, O.; Petit, C.; Roux, A.; Sevin, A.; Wildi, F. (EDP Sciences, 2020)
      Context. Shadows in scattered light images of protoplanetary disks are a common feature and support the presence of warps or misalignments between disk regions. These warps are possibly caused by an inclined (sub-)stellar ...
    • Spatial segregation of dust grains in transition disks : SPHERE observations of 2MASS J16083070-3828268 and RXJ1852.3-3700 

      Villenave, M.; Benisty, Myriam; Dent, W. R.F.; Ménard, F.; Garufi, A.; Ginski, C.; Pinilla, P.; Pinte, C.; Williams, J. P.; De Boer, J.; Morino, J. I.; Fukagawa, M.; Dominik, C.; Flock, M.; Henning, T.; Juhász, A.; Keppler, M.; Muro-Arena, G.; Olofsson, J.; Pérez, L. M.; Van Der (EDP Sciences, 2019)
      Context. The mechanisms governing the opening of cavities in transition disks are not fully understood. Several processes have been proposed, but their occurrence rate is still unknown. Aims. We present spatially resolved ...
    • Spiral arms in the protoplanetary disc HD100453 detected with ALMA: evidence for binary-disc interaction and a vertical temperature gradient 

      Rosotti, G. P.; Benisty, M.; Juhasz, A.; Teague, R.; Clarke, C.; Dominik, C.; Dullemond, C. P.; Klaassen, P. D.; Matra, L.; Stolker, T. (Oxford Univ Press, 2019)
      Scattered light high-resolution imaging of the protoplanetary disc orbiting HD100453 shows two symmetric spiral arms, possibly launched by an external stellar companion. In this paper, we present new, sensitive high-resolution ...
    • Spirals inside the millimeter cavity of transition disk SR 21 

      Muro Arena, G. A.; Ginski, C.; Dominik, C.; Benisty, M.; Pinilla, P.; Bohn, A. J.; Moldenhauer, T.; Kley, W.; Harsono, D.; Henning, T.; van Holstein, R. G.; Janson, M.; Keppler, M.; Ménard, F.; Pérez Muñoz, Laura M.; Stolker, T.; Tazzari, M.; Villenave, M.; Zurlo, A.; Petit, C.; Rigal, F.; Möller Nilsson, O.; Llored, M.; Moulin, T.; Rabou, P. (EDP Sciences, 2020)
    • The SPHERE view of the planet-forming disk around HD 100546 

      Garufi, A.; Quanz, S. P.; Schmid, H. M.; Mulders, G. D.; Avenhaus, H.; Boccaletti, A.; Ginski, C.; Langlois, M.; Stolker, T.; Augereau, J.-C.; Benisty, Myriam; López, B.; Dominik, C.; Gratton, R.; Henning, Thomas; Janson, M.; Ménard, Francois; Meyer, M. R.; Pinte, Christophe; Sissa, E.; Vigan, A.; Zurlo, A.; Bazzon, A.; Buenzli, E.; Bonnefoy, M.; Brandner, W.; Chauvin, G.; Cheetham, A.; Cudel, M.; Desidera, S.; Feldt, M.; Galicher, R.; Kasper, M.; Lagrange, Anne Marie; Lannier, J.; Maire, Anne-Lise; Mesa, D.; Mouillet, D.; Peretti, S.; Perrot, C.; Salter, G.; Wildi, F. (ESO, 2016-04)
      Context. The mechanisms governing planet formation are not fully understood. A new era of high-resolution imaging of protoplanetary disks has recently started, thanks to new instruments such as SPHERE, GPI, and ALMA. The ...