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    • Origin, diversification, and historical biogeography of the genus Trachurus (Perciformes: Carangidae) 

      Cárdenas, Leyla; Hernández, Cristián E.; Poulin, Elie; Magoulas, Antonios; Kornfield, Irv; Ojeda, F. Patricio (Academic Press Inc., 2005)
      We addressed phylogenetic relationships in the genus Trachurus using cytochrome b gene and D-loop sequences. The trees showed five groups: (1) the Southwest Pacific species (T. japonicus, T. novaezelandiae, and T. declivis); ...
    • Thorson's rule, life-history evolution, and diversification of benthic octopuses (Cephalopoda: Octopodoidea) 

      Ibáñez, Christian M.; Rezende, Enrico; Sepúlveda, Roger D.; Avaria Llautureo, Jorge; Hernández, Cristián E.; Sellanes, Javier; Poulin, Elie; Pardo Gandarillas, María Cecilia (Society for the Study of Evolution, 2018)
      Here, we evaluate the so-called Thorson’s rule, which posits that direct-development and larger eggs are favored toward the poles in marine organisms and whose validity been the subject of considerable debate in the ...
    • Using phylogenetic information and the comparative method to evaluate hypotheses in macroecology 

      Hernández, Cristián E.; Rodríguez-Serrano, Enrique; Avaria-Llautureo, Jorge; Inostroza-Michael, Oscar; Morales-Pallero, Bryan; Boric-Bargetto, Dusan; Canales-Aguirre, Cristian B.; Marquet, Pablo A.; Meade, Andrew (2013)
      It is widely recognized that macroecological patterns are not independent of the evolution of the lineages involved in generating these patterns. While many researchers have begun to evaluate the effect of ancestor-descendant ...