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    • Butyrate decreases ICAM-1 expression in human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells 

      Magrin, Gabriel Leonardo; Di Summa, Francesca; Strauss, Franz-Josef; Panahipour, Layla; Mildner, Michael; Magalhães Benfatti, Cesar Augusto; Gruber, Reinhard (MDPI, 2020)
    • TGF-β activity in acid bone lysate adsorbs to titanium surface 

      Strauss Avendaño, Franz; Di Summa, Francesca; Stähli, Alexandra; Matos, Luiza; Vaca, Fabiola; Schuldt, Guenther; Gruber, Reinhard (Blackwell, 2019)
      Objectives: Osteoblasts lay down new bone on implant surfaces. The underlying cellular mechanism and the spatio-temporal mode of action, however, remain unclear. It can be proposed that growth factors released upon ...