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    • Reporting missing participant data in randomised trials: systematic survey of the methodological literature and a proposed guide 

      Akl, Elie A; Shawwa, Khaled; Kahale, Lara A.; Agoritsas, Thomas; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Busse, Jason W.; Carrasco Labra, Alonso; Ebrahim, Shanil; Johnston, Bradley C.; Neumann, Ignacio; Solà, Iván; Sun, Xin; Vandvik, Per; Zhang, Yuqing; Alonso Coello, Pablo; Guyatt, Gordon H. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2015)
      Objectives We conducted a systematic survey of the methodological literature to identify recommended approaches for how and what randomised clinical trial (RCT) authors should report on missing participant data and, on the ...
    • Systematic reviews do not adequately report or address missing outcome data in their analyses: a methodological survey 

      Kahale, Lara; Diab, Batoul; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Agarwal, Arnav; Mustafa, Reem; Kwong, Joey; Neumann, Ignacio; Li, Ling; Cruz Lopes, Luciane; Briel, Matthias; Busse, Jason; Lorio, Alfonso; Vandvik, Per Olav; Alexander, Paul; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Akl, Elie (Elsevier, 2018-03-02)
      Objectives: To describe how systematic review authors report and address categories of participants with potential missing outcome data of trial participants. Study Design and Setting: Methodological survey of systematic ...