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    • Can non-propagating hydrodynamic solitons be forced to move? 

      Gordillo, L.; Sauma, T.; Zárate, Y.; Espinoza, I.; Clerc Gavilán, Marcel; Mujica Fernández, Nicolás (Springer, 2011-03)
      Development of technologies based on localized states depends on our ability to manipulate and control these nonlinear structures. In order to achieve this, the interactions between localized states and control tools should ...
    • Characterization of the vortex-pair interaction law and nonlinear mobility effects 

      Barboza, R.; Sauma, T.; Bortolozzo, U.; Assanto, G.; Clerc Gavilán, Marcel; Residori, S. (2013)
      Employing nematic liquid crystals in a homeotropic cell with a photosensitive wall, dissipative vortex pairs are selectively induced by external illumination and the interaction law is characterized for pairs of ...