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    • Familial classification of the Boraginales 

      Luebert Bruron, Federico; Cecchi, Lorenzo; Frohlich, Michael; Gottschling, Marc; Guilliams, C. Matt; Hasenstab-Lehman, Kristen; Hilger, Hartmut; Miller, James; Mittelbach, Moritz; Nazaire, Mare; Nepi, Massimo; Nocentini, Daniele; Daniele, Dietrich; Olmstead, Richard; Selvi, Federico; Simpson, Michael; Sutorý, Karel; Valdés, Benito; Walden, Genevieve; Weigend, Maximilian (International Association for Plant Taxonomy, 2016)
      he Boraginales are now universally accepted as monophyletic and firmly placed in Lamiidae. However, a consensus about familial classification has remained elusive, with some advocating recognition of a single, widely ...
    • Multiple origins for Hound’s tongues (Cynoglossum L.) and Navel seeds (Omphalodes Mill.) – The phylogeny of the borage family (Boraginaceae s.str.) 

      Weigend, Maximilian; Luebert, Federico; Selvi, Federico; Brokamp, Grischa; Hilger, Hartmut (Elsevier, 2013)
      Recent studies all indicated that both the affinities and subdivision of Boraginaceae s.str. are unsatisfactorily resolved. Major open issues are the placement and affinities of Boraginaceae s.str. in Boraginales and the ...
    • The borage family (Boraginaceae s.str.): A revised infrafamilial classification based on new phylogenetic evidence, with emphasis on the placement of some enigmatic genera 

      Chacón, Juliana; Luebert Bruron, Federico; Hilger, Hartmut; Ovchinnikova, Svetlana; Selvi, Federico; Cecchi, Lorenzo; Guilliams, C. Matt; Hasenstab-Lehman, Kristen; Sutorý, Karel; Simpson, Michael; Weigend, Maximilian (International Association for Plant Taxonomy, 2016)
      Boraginaceae s.str. is a subcosmopolitan family of 1600 to 1700 species in around 90 genera, and recent phylogenetic studies indicate that the infrafamilial classification as currently used is highly obsolete. The present ...