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      Sepúlveda, Silvia; Delhvi, Sualaheen; Zilliquen, F.; Cassels Niven, Bruce (Elsevier Science Inc., 1992-11-02)
    • Potential Psychotomimetics. New Bromoalkoxyamphetamines 

      Sepúlveda, Silvia; Valenzuela, Ricardo; Cassels Niven, Bruce (American Chemical Society, 1971-08-02)
    • The regioselective bromination of 4,4-dimethyl-5,8-dihydroxy-4H- naphthalen-1-one 

      Mejias, Lorenzo; Sepúlveda, Silvia; Araya Maturana, Ramiro; Cassels Niven, Bruce; Rezende, Marcos Caroli (Marcel Dekker Inc., 1998)
      Methods for the regioselective bromination of the title naphthalenone are described, which lead to isomeric hydroquinones 5 or 6.
    • Total synthesis of annofolin 

      Vallejos, Gabriel; Cassels Niven, Bruce; Rezende, Marcos Caroli; Sepúlveda, Silvia (Marcel Dekker Inc., 1999)
      The synthesis of annofolin (1), an alkaloid isolated from Annona hayesii in small amounts, by a phase-transfer catalytic reduction-methylation of cleistopholin (2) is reported, together with the preparation of its derivatives ...