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    • ALMA observations of anisotropic dust mass loss in the inner circumstellar environment of the red supergiant VY Canis Majoris 

      O'Gorman, E.; Vlemmings, W.; Richards, A.; Baudry, A.; De Beck, E.; Decin, L.; Harper, G.; Humphreys, E.; Kervella, Pierre; Khouri, T.; Muller, S. (EDP Sciences, 2015)
      The processes leading to dust formation and the subsequent role it plays in driving mass loss in cool evolved stars is an area of intense study. Here we present high resolution ALMA Science Verification data of the continuum ...
    • Herschel-HIFI view of mid-IR quiet massive protostellar objects 

      Herpin, F.; Chavarría, L.; Jacq, T.; Braine, J.; Tak, F. van der; Wyrowski, F.; Dishoeck, E. F. van; Baudry, A.; Bontemps, S.; Kristensen, L.; Schmalzl, M.; Mata, J. (EDP Sciences, 2016-03)
      Aims. We present Herschel/MEI observations of 14 water lines in a small sample of Galactic massive protostellar objects: NGC 6334I(N), DR21(OH), IRAS 16272-4837, and IRAS 05358+3543. Using water as a tracer of the structure ...