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    • Comparative physiometry of the mechanics of breathing in mammals 

      Günther,; de la Barra, B.León (1967)
      Dimensional analysis and the theory of biological similarities were applied to the mammalian respiratory system. Through dimensional and solution matrices a set of 9 Pi-numbers of Buckingham was obtained. Products of ...
    • Singlet oxygen reactions with flavonoids. a theoretical - experimental study 

      Morales, Javier; Günther, Germán; Zanocco, Antonio L.; Lemp, Else (2012)
      Detection of singlet oxygen emission, λmax = 1270 nm, following laser excitation and steady-state methods were employed to measure the total reaction rate constant, kT, and the reactive reaction rate constant, kr, for the ...
    • Theory of biological similarities, nondimensional parameters and invariant numbers 

      Günther,; de la Barra, B.León (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1966)
      In previous papers (1955-1957) a theory of biological similarity was established, assuming that the limits are the mechanical and the electrodynamical similarity criteria. The range of this theory lies between the coefficient ...