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    • Language universals at birth 

      Gómez, David Maximiliano; Berent, Iris; Benavides Varela, Silvia; Bion, Ricardo A. H.; Cattarossi, Luigi; Nespor, Marina; Mehler, Jacques (CrossMark, 2014)
      The evolution of human languages is driven both by primitive biases present in the human sensorimotor systems and by cultural transmission among speakers. However, whether the design of the language faculty is further ...
    • Memory in the neonate brain 

      Benavides-Varela, Silvia; Gómez, David M.; Macagno, Francesco; Bion, Ricardo A H; Peretz, Isabelle; Mehler, Jacques (2011)
      Background: The capacity to memorize speech sounds is crucial for language acquisition. Newborn human infants can discriminate phonetic contrasts and extract rhythm, prosodic information, and simple regularities from speech. ...